Riddle me this!

I made this for one of my closest friends, she’s a big fan of the Batman-Universe and loves the Riddler…

30×40 cm, Gouache and Neon Spray Paint on Watercolor Paper

Photo by Choga Ramirez

silent water

This is my first mandala. I painted it during the Christmas holidays 2014. At that time I just painted the mandala, the rest of the area was left untouched. Over the time I realized that I must continue to finish it. Just the mandala was kinda boring, something was missing. There have to be some extra elements. I chose fishes, which indeed match a meditative theme. The triangles form a contrast to all the curved lines. They intended to represent the self-control and purposefulness in fulfilling our dreams and desires.

Hand der Fatima / Hand of Fatima

Als ich damit begann, wußte ich nicht das es sich bei dieser Darstellung um die „Hand der Fatima“ handelt. Ich mag solche Darstellungen, weswegen ich es auch selbst einmal probiert habe. Die Hand der Fatima ist ein Schutz- und Abwehrzeichen in der Kultur des Nahen Ostens.

As I first started, I didn’t know, that it’s the „Hand of Fatima“. I really like this kind of illustrations, that’s why I try it. The Hand of Fatima is an protection and defense sign from the middle eastern culture.